No Photos, Please

April 18, 2005

Honestly, this happened to me yesterday. My wife and I were out enjoying the afternoon together, and had stopped in at a local nursery just to experience some spring blooms. Next door was a pottery store... sort of an outdoor affair.

I had brought my camera along just for fun, and just when I had taken my first photo the owner approached me and said, "Sir, we don't allow photos in here. We carry some products that nobody else has and we don't want anybody to copy us."

Hilarious! That's like saying, "We don't have a web site because we don't want people to know we're here." Or, "we don't put any pictures in our brochure because we don't want people to know what products we sell."

They should PAY people to take photos and share them with friends, for goodness' sake! If anybody needs to lease some outdoor retail space, I have a good idea where some will be coming available soon.