Upgrades to Boerne Chamber Directory

May 12, 2005

I just pushed out some upgrades to the Boerne Chamber Business Directory. After taking the site live and really seeing it in action, it became abundantly clear that we needed a way to see what categories a business belonged to. Most of the groundwork was already laid for this, actually. I just made some adjustments here and there to implement it. Trevor whipped up a nicer layout to go along with it. A few tweaks and color changes really go a long way in bringing the important bits to the front, and keeping a clean look overall. For the cherry on top, I added some nifty javascript to toggle the display of the categories. If you happen to be using Firefox, you'll get some nice fades to go along with it, courtesy of the fantastic Prototype javascript library. I'm looking into why the fades don't work in IE and Safari currently.