Many Days No Post

June 21, 2005

There's only one way to understand the commitment involved in maintaining an effective blog ... just try it yourself. It wouldn't take but a cursory review of ours for one to conclude that we've done a lousy job with it—at least in terms of post frequency. I wouldn't call it a failure, necessarily. In fact, even given our shortcomings we've managed not only to learn something about the process, we have also successfully promoted our website, our work, and our expertise well enough to reap substantial benefits. I've had a few folks tell me they read our blog. Additionally, our site rankings have increased significantly thanks to our own posts and those of others who point at our entries. I'm looking forward to improving our posts, increasing their frequency, and creating a resource that folks can appreciate. In the short term, though, we have some incredibly exciting challenges that are consuming practically all of the time of most of us here in the office. I'm afraid that I'll be hiding behind my work for the next few weeks. On August 11, we will launch our new Billboards(TM) program with the Boerne Chamber of Commerce. Maybe that will give us a little breathing room here at Digett.