Coming Up for Air

June 30, 2005

Collaboa is a project management tool, mainly for subversion developers. It looks mostly like a Ruby on Rails version of Trac, the tool I use for one of my personal projects. It just so happens that I am hard at work on our first official Ruby on Rails project. This is a huge change for Digett, as we've been mostly a Microsoft ASP.Net oriented firm. But, the opportunity for building a new web application came up, and I felt that Ruby on Rails would be a much better fit. Mark agreed to give this new framework a chance, and I think he's been pleased with my progress so far. It's obviously incomplete, but what I do have is extensively unit tested, with the object contracts defined in the unit test code. Note: Due to some database troubles, the weblog had to be reloaded from a backup. This is a repost from a feedster cache