The New Marketing Landscape

July 9, 2005

Rules of thumb are not always a legitimate claim, and can really drive folks to make poor decisions. I ran across a couple in this article: The New Marketing Landscape "A good rule of thumb when budgeting for a web site is to assume you will pay approximately $250-300 USD per page." Huh? This makes no sense. There are a multitude of factors that determine what a site costs to put together. And needs among different companies are just as different as the companies themselves. So trying to tell folks across the board what they should be spending is doing a disservice. "Generally expect to pay $3-6K for a basic 3-4 month campaign and then some modest fee for ongoing maintenance (say $200-500 per month)." Again, ridiculous. Needs for search engine marketing vary widely. You simply can't put a price on this -- even ballpark figures -- without knowing specific situations, requirements, objectives, etc. Do some research, find someone that knows what they're talking about, and get advice that's specific to your situation before you make judgements about how much you'll need to spend.