The Flash and Javascript Marriage

August 15, 2005

There are two main things I dislike about working with Flash: messing with the complicated OBJECT tag and duplicating work. The object tag forces you to properly encode your flash variables and write them twice (once for Internet Explorer, once for other browsers). Yuck.

Luckily, this is a solved problem with FlashObject. This provides a simple javascript API to replace HTML elements with Flash elements in just a couple simple lines of code without having to mess with that awful OBJECT tag. It also handles the flash variable encoding stuff for me, so I can get back to writing the website.

One of Digett's latest projects, the Quintessa redesign with Six88, allowed us to flex our Flash muscles and kick it up a notch. One of the requirements was not only a beautiful, interactive website, but one that degraded well for visitors without flash or javascript. Taking a cue from the sIFR scripts that provided the rich headline fonts, I decided to use the DOM to pass data to the flash pieces.