Case for Blogging

July 31, 2006

Ran across a great New York Times article on why company principles may want to consider taking up blogging. For the credibility. The article is based on the premise that more corporate executives don't blog because blogging is a risk. They're scared! Well, blogging is scary, and this is precisely the problem that I addressed in a recent talk to the San Antonio Professional Coaches Association (big name, small group). Here's an extract from the article, a quote from Jonathan I. Schwartz of Sun Microsystems.

"C.E.O. blogging should no longer be viewed as extreme sport. Mr. Schwartz's example shows that blogging fits quite naturally into the chief executive's work week. In an exhortatory piece, "If You Want to Lead, Blog," published in The Harvard Business Review last year, Mr. Schwartz predicted that "having a blog is not going to be a matter of choice, any more than having e-mail is today." If you're interested, here's Mr. Schwartz' blog: