New Maintainer of sifr.module

October 23, 2006

Today I became a maintainer of the Drupal sIFR module. This module was written by Jeff Robbins of Lullabot to implement the fantastic sIFR flash/javascript library. For those of you who don't know, sIFR is the magic that allows us to use fancy fonts on our sites without having to worry about whether or not the end-user has that specific font installed. And on top of that, it is completely accessible, meaning that screen-readers and search engines will have no problem reading our headers. I had made some changes to the drupal sifr module a couple of months back and submitted them as a patch. Recently, I was checking out the status of that patch and noticed that there had been no activity for 9 weeks so I e-mailed Jeff to ask if I could help him out with maintaining the module. His reply was an enthusiastic 'YES'. It seems Jeff has created so many modules that many of them have become 'orphans' since he doesn't have the time to keep up with them all. I hope I can bring some new life to this module and at a minimum make sure it gets ported to Drupal 5.0!