I never would have expected this

October 28, 2006

I can't believe what I'm seeing. If these stats are not accurate, by the way, I certainly can not explain why they are not. We even filter out our own IP addresses to avoid skewing the numbers. Digett web site visits by browser - last seven daysThis is a graph showing a breakdown of visitors to Digett's web site, broken down by browser. Firefox is claiming a significant advantage over Internet Explorer. Has anyone else seen this shift? To be fair, IE is still ahead for the month, but it seems clear that their dominance is on the wane. Granted, we don't exactly get loads of traffic on our modest little site, but I think we have enough here to make this interesting, at the least. Disclaimer: I still use IE most of the time. Well, Maxthon, actually (which uses IE's engine). I use it because I like to see what "most" people are seeing. These stats, however, are provocation to give serious consideration to making Firefox my default browser.