Boerne (and Digett phones) Under the Weather

January 16, 2007

A cold spell has settled in over the Texas Hill Country, and some accompanying rain and sleet has done a number on our little town of Boerne. Roads are pretty much impassable, so the team works from their respective homes and we each battle cabin fever. Colin suggests hot tea, and I opted for a little music to help lighten the mood. Due to unfortunate timing, our Digett phone system may very well be down, although I can't even place a phone call from home right now without getting an "all circuits are busy" recording. We were scheduled to have the phones ported from Verizon to GVTC, making use of our new GVTC fiber and saving a few dollars in the process. This is something that the GVTC crews had to do on-site, and because of the weather conditions they are unable to make it to the office. Don't fret, you can always reach us on our cell phones, and I've placed my cell phone number on our contact page temporarily. Update: Ice storm photos here.