Take a Poll With no Margin of Error

October 28, 2008

Marketing is often presented as a game of numbers. However, with an emphasis squarely on the figures, the importance of the task or goal at hand can, sometimes, be ignored. The trick is not allowing a focus on metrics and analytics to convince you they can always be substituted for a simple discussion with your clients.

In that spirit, we're inviting you to talk with us about whether we're meeting your needs through our own website. We can look at the numbers all day, but page views and bounce rates only tell us so much.  In the end, you are the ultimate arbiter of whether or not we're doing our job—properly, honestly, and openly. We're asking you for a ruling.



Anything you might be willing to provide will help us, so we appreciate your comments. If there's something else on your mind, however, we invite you to contact us another way.