Leaping the Language Barrier with PHDPrecise

October 30, 2008

TRC Consultants has enjoyed favorable market share for a number of years with its powerful PHDWin suite of software for the petroleum industry. As part of a recent international expansion, TRC translated PHDWin into Russian and renamed the regional product offering PHD Precise.

To educate their target audience, TRC needed to reach out in bilingual fashion with a website. Digett's job was to combine supplied copy and graphics with Drupal plumbing and a solid Rackspace network, and enabling multilingual support, hence launching TRC's multinational web presence. There were two main tasks:

Provide Language Toggling in Drupal

Language barriers would curtail TRC's effort to put useful information in the hands of Moscow decision-makers. Every page of the site prominently features the ability to toggle between English and Russian.

We'll note (it may not be obvious) that the site isn't a translation engine; TRC and their international marketing partner provided us with Russian content (Our Russian is rusty. Da!).

To make this work, we leveraged the power of Drupal and its multi-lingual capabilities, added to Drupal core with the release of version 6.

TRC Consultants' Participation in Moscow Conference

A primary goal for the site was to promote PHDPrecise's presence at the Society of Petroleum Engineers Russian Oil and Gas Technical Conference and Exhbition in Moscow last month. Since the site launch was to coincide with the conference, we showcased PHDPrecise's participation with an announcement in a sidebar on each page. It kept the information easily accessible everywhere a user clicked. We hear their booth was busy all weekend.

With its flexibility to serve both Russian- and English-speaking audiences, PHDPrecise.com provides a view into Drupal's power and flexibility and serves as an effective platform for generating new business leads.