It's Official: Cindy is Google Certified

October 27, 2009

Digett is pleased to announce that Cindy Becker, whose lengthy list of accomplishments knows few bounds, is now a Google AdWords Qualified Individual. Here's the important stuff:

  • It's a reflection of Digett's (and Cindy's) ongoing commitment to bringing more services—and more value—to our clients.
  • While SEO expertise requires ongoing study and training, Cindy's new title represents a significant threshold of knowledge and demonstrated expertise.
  • Google doesn't give out titles like candy.

We've been talking more about SEO practices lately, and much of that is due to an increasing awareness on the part of our clients. Another reason, however, is that the SEO/SEM field is booming, and the marketplace is becoming crowded with those who have questionable methods and motives.

That makes the Google designation all the more important to us, as it represents Digett's dedication to industry best practices. It also represents Cindy's Digett Blog debut.