Hubspot gets major funding from Google and Salesforce

March 8, 2011
hubspot gets major funding from google and salesforce

Okay, so if you don't want to listen to Digett tell you how awesome Hubspot is, then maybe hearing Google and sing their praises will get your attention. Today Hubspot announced a new $32 million round of financing by the two giants of SaaS (software as a service), along with Sequoia Capital.

The takeaway? From our perspective it's a home run for us personally, because:

  1. It serves to validate the message that inbound marketing is an immensely profitable industry;
  2. It shines a very bright spotlight on one of the leading inbound marketing platforms, which happens to be the one we've partnered with; and
  3. It gives me the same "whatever we touch turns to gold" feeling I get when I consider that Digett was also an early adopter of the Drupal content management system. 

This is a big win for inbound marketing, for Hubspot, as well as for Digett and other Hubspot VARs. Oh, and since we are also a customer, we're excited about what this partnership could mean for the future of integration of the two products (which is already pretty impressive).