Icons In Web Design: San Antonio

March 24, 2011
San Antonio Icon Set

I'm a web designer by trade, and as part of my job I think it's important to keep up with what's trending in our industry. One of the hottest fads in web design today is creating and using icons.

As I see them, icons are small, graphical representations of larger concepts. In web design, they're most often used to communicate ideas more efficiently. Where a written phrase is a horse, an icon is a cheetah — smaller and faster.

The web is full of icons, available to represent virtually everything from aliens to sandwiches. Websites like iconfinder.com offer free icons for download, while iStockphoto sells some really nice, inexpensive sets.

However, there are some icons that can be hard to find, or simply don't exist. For example, an icon set that represents San Antonio, Texas could be hard to find. Well that may have been true before today, but it's all about to change.

I've designed five icons that represent San Antonio and I'm offering them up as a free download. This layered Photoshop Document (PSD) has five vector icons for use as you see fit. Simply click the image below to start the download and enjoy! And if you're so inclined, we'd love you to provide a link back to this post via your website, Twitter or Facebook account. And if you're really feeling ambitious, leave me a comment letting me know how you found us. Thanks and happy day!

San Antonio, Texas Icon Set Download



Andrew, these icons are

Andrew, these icons are great, thanks for putting this out there. By the way the new web site looks great! Say hi to the group for me.

Great icons, Andrew. I think

Great icons, Andrew. I think they do an excellent job of depicting San Antonio - very symbolic & recognizable.

I hope someone "rebounds" your "Citicons" on Dribbble! http://drbl.in/Yxf

Luke, Kathryn — thanks for

Luke, Kathryn — thanks for the kind words! Speaking of the new website, have you seen the career opportunities page? It was designed with developers in mind ;)

How about we make things

How about we make things official with a license? Unfortunately, all modern Creative Commons licences REQUIRE attribution, which seems silly for icons. Oddly enough, it's extremely hard to legally give stuff away, but there's a few free licenses out there:



thanks for sharing

thanks for sharing