9 Smart Steps to Success with PPC [Whitepaper]

June 2, 2011
9 smart steps to success with PPC

Did you know that as many as 2.5 million advertisers use Google AdWords to promote and grow their businesses? Competition is stiff, but there is room for success with Pay-per-click advertising. Unfortunately, there is also room for failure.

If you’re new to Pay-per-click advertising, you probably have many questions:

  • What keywords should I use?
  • My keywords aren’t working. How can I find more?
  • How can I better target my ads?
  • What is conversion tracking?
  • How can I make my campaigns perform better?

For answers to these questions and more, download Digett’s free whitepaper, 9 Smart Steps to Success with PPC.

A sneak peek

9 Smart Steps to Success with PPC is packed with all kinds of great information on Pay-per-click advertising strategies and tips, such as:

  • Any given ad group is easiest to maintain and most effective when it has between 15 and 20 keywords. AdWords groups can be edited at any time, so it is easy to switch out keywords that are not performing.
  • The secret to customized ad text: Dynamic Keyword Insertion. By using a specific piece of code when creating an ad, you can tell AdWords to automatically enter the most relevant keyword from the corresponding ad group every time a user searches.
  • Information on tools that make keyword research simple, and give you a huge advantage over your competition.

All these tips and more are just a few clicks away. Get your free copy now.