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June 5, 2013
Engineer, Designer, Dictator

I recently attended a Web development conference in Portland, Oregon. One session stood out for me as encouraging and as a good reminder as we go forward — The Engineer, The Designer, The Dictator by Michael Lopp. You need all three for a successful project.

Engineers: build your website

  • Reduce chaos
  • Believe in right and wrong answers
  • Are willing to go deep into the problem
  • Have an urge to build something
  • Make your site efficient

Designers: focus on the experience of your customer

  • Represent the humans
  • Understand what most users want, and use this knowledge to prioritize and exceed their expectations
  • Have the same urge to build something
  • Bring a balance between art and science

Dictator: focus on deadlines, budgets and keeping everyone working together

  • Moderators
  • Have to know what they want
  • Strong desire to create consistency
  • Want to kill ambiguity
  • Create velocity
  • Great dictators are forces of nature

For Digett

Digett has what your project needs. Digett will assign an Engineer, a Designer and a Dictator to your project team to ensure the great ideas our marketing team brings to your project become a reality.

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