San Antonio web marketing: What you're doing right

June 30, 2011
San Antonio web marketing: You're not doing it wrong

There’s a lot of web marketing advice and tips about what you’re doing wrong with your website strategy. We’re guilty of it, too. We’ve written posts about:

It’s all good advice, yes; forget all that for now. Let’s focus on what you’re doing right.

You’re reading this right now.

You likely found this blog post one of several ways:

1. You found it through a search engine

If you found this blog post on google, you were searching for things like “san antonio internet marketing” or “san antonio web marketing.” You were likely looking for knowledge or advice on those subjects. Ain’t nothin’ wrong with that.

2. You may have found it through a link on a social media site

If you found this through Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn that means you’re actively reading content those platforms. They’re great tools, not only to connect with high school buddies, but resources for businesses too. You probably connected to this page because you follow marketers or marketing accounts. Sounds like you’re using social media in a positive, professional way. Kudos.

3. You found us on

If you’re visiting, it may mean you’re exploring hiring some outside marketing help. A San Antonio web firm like us can contribute our years of expertise to your project. External marketing teams can help keep your costs down in the long-term. You’re thinking about ROI. Thumbs up.

You are absolutely not doing it all wrong

In fact, if you end up reading this, you’re doing something right. Pat yourself on the back and take a quick breather. When you’re ready, there’s plenty of advice to absorb.


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I have done business with the

I have done business with the folks at Digett since they first started business! They have done several websites and other projects for my companies over the years and I've always been very satisfied. Now the move is to Social Networking...

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Thanks for the shout, Johnnie. Hope all is well in your neck of the woods. Stop by sometime!