Digett seeks non-profit project for fall internship program

July 23, 2013
Digett seeks non-profit project for fall internship program

Digett is looking for a San Antonio non-profit group to assist with a start-to-finish digital marketing project that includes a healthy combination of strategy, digital design, copywriting and web development. Examples include:

  • Design and development of a promotional email campaign
  • A web-based campaign involving a website landing page
  • Promotion of an upcoming event

Digett's fall intern team will be responsible for the completion of the project. This team possesses a wide range of creative and technical skill sets, and, when paired with Digett's experience and internal support of the program, is quite capable.

The assignment would be turnkey, meaning the intern team could pretty much handle it from start to finish, and the scope would be well-defined. Total time required to complete the project would vary from 90 to 120 hours.

The fall intern project can kick off as soon as the first week of September, and must be wrapped up prior to finals week in December.

If you have a specific need, or know of any non-profits who might be positioned to benefit from this offer, please contact Amy (210.853.5808 x114 or amy@digett.com) to discuss whether there may be a good fit. Help our interns knock one out of the park this fall.

[Image: marc falardeau]