Crowdsource: Drupal 7 Entities Unleashed

August 24, 2011
Crowdsource: Drupal 7 Entities Unleashed

Recently I’ve been working on a couple of websites in Drupal 7. One of them has some pretty complicated data structure and relationships. I’ve really been racking my brain as to how to build these data structures in Drupal, to the point of even completely starting over twice.

Then the other day I realized that I’m still holding on to my notions of nodes and content types from Drupal 6. After doing some reading on entities in Drupal 7, I know that creating entities through a custom module is probably the direction I need to go with this site.

So this is where you come in. I’m looking for some help with wrapping my head around entities in Drupal 7. And since I need this help, I figured a lot of other people might also benefit. If you have a book, article, module, tutorial, video, webinar, etc. that helped you, please post a link in the comments. I will keep track of the comments and move the resources up into some kind of structure to make it easy to peruse. When you post a link, feel free to comment on the positives or negatives of the particular resource so we have some context for your recommendation.

Here a few resources I found to get you started:




Modules & Documentation

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Watch this:

Some exemplary modules:

Model Entities (model)

N.B. Profile2 does something weird, it uses the 'bundle of' key which is undocumented and a bit confusing, see

pjcdawkins, Great video! I


Great video! I watched it last night and it really helped clear up some things for me. I think the Model module will be helpful too.



There is now an Entity

There is now an Entity Contruction Kit which apparently does not require writing a module

see also lullabot post:

And for Entity caching:

Thanks, Guy! That looks like

Thanks, Guy! That looks like a nice module. Will be interested to see how it develops.


You may also want to check

You may also want to check the Entity View Mode Module:

Similar to build modes for Entities.

Another good module, Guy.

Another good module, Guy. It's like a simplified Display Suite just for entities.

I cant seem to find to any

I cant seem to find to any reference to entities in either of the books listed.

Pro Drupal 7 Development is

Pro Drupal 7 Development is light on entities, as is mentioned in the article.

As for Drupal 7 Module Development, entities are mentioned in chapters 1, 6, and 7.