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A plan for recovering from failure

Why Failing Matters

Posted by Amy Peveto on March 31, 2015

Failure terrifies me, especially when it means disappointing a client. These failures are brutal, and damaging to client relationships. But they are also absolutely critical to our success.

Make your product better

"P" is for Product, Above All

Posted by Mark Figart on November 19, 2014

In classic marketing academia, the so-called "Four P's" comprising the "marketing mix" are product, price, place, and promotion. Since the dawn of the age of mass media, the marketer's job may have centered most around "promotion".

The secret to being a better business

The Best Way to be a Better Business

Posted by Amy Peveto on August 05, 2014

Digett’s weekly team lunch is a great opportunity for us to strengthen team bonds by talking about something other than work, as well as the best way we’ve found to keep everyone in the loop on all projects.

Need a great web developer? Hire through Codeup.

Need a Great Web Developer? Hire Through Codeup.

Posted by Amy Peveto on June 19, 2014

Whether you’re a startup or well-established San Antonio business, finding developers can be difficult; it can take months — even a year or two — to find a skilled developer. But this year we found and hired a great candidate in less than two months. And we did it through Codeup.

Are you following email opt-in rules?

Are You Keeping Your Email Opt-Ins Above-Board?

Posted by Amy Peveto on May 14, 2014

If you’re like many of our clients, you’ve got a list of people to whom you are sending content (routinely or not). You may have been emailing this list for years, adding email addresses of prospects, customers, and referral sources. It’s great that you’re making use of one of the most effective marketing tactics, but it’s important you’re doing so according to the law.

Clamshell or blister packaging can be reusable depending on the design

Making Blister Packages Reusable

Posted by Gabrielle Kinderknecht on April 09, 2014

When creating packages we aim to sell the product, but did we think about how the package gets used after the product is opened? For manufacturers and designers this is something we consider when building a plastic package such as blister or clamshell. We have the opportunity to make sure the plastic we are using is recyclable and if possible reusable.

Steps in building a portfolio.

Building A Portfolio The “Right” Way

Posted by Gabrielle Kinderknecht on February 12, 2014

In my last blog, I mentioned the steps in creating a personal identity. Branding yourself is an important step in building a portfolio. Your portfolio will be branded with your personal identity and help leave a memorable impression on the employer who you may be showing your portfolio to. Here are some subtle points that are often mentioned when building a portfolio but are not right or wrong.

99.9 percent of the content on the internet sucks

The Sad State of Web Content

Posted by Mark Figart on November 26, 2013

You don't have to have listeners to flap your gums on the web. You are in fact, encouraged by a whole pack of gum-flapping marketers, authors, and publishers to join the noisy pack. You might even expect to be rewarded for your efforts. But it's a shame. Unless you have something meaningful to say, your work will likely go entirely unappreciated.

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