I Know a Guy

Chances are you "know a guy" who can build a website. He’s no big-name company, but he’s a designer and a developer. He can do you a favor, right?

But does your jack-of-all-trades have the skills and resources to complete your complex site on time while juggling his other clients? Where will he be in six months when you need to make changes to your home page?

The San Antonio web design community is saturated with freelancers, but teaming up with an individual is a risk.


A Bigger Boat

So if a freelancer isn’t the best idea, what about a San Antonio web design firm? Not only do they specialize in building websites, they’ll also make you a Facebook page!

But what’s the ROI of a Facebook page? How does tweeting turn to profit? How does your website bring you business?

Your web design agency may have impressive technical credentials, but it takes marketing experience to turn a website into a successful source of business.

All Bark and No Byte

A big-time advertising agency can right the ship, no doubt. Advertising is what they do, and they’ve had years of experience. Surely they can drive your online success.

Wait, did you say, "online?" As in, the Internet? Did you tell them? Because they’re back there designing print ads and writing scripts for your radio spot. Their expertise is traditional "interruption" advertising—billboards, brochures, and TV—but you need a company with real online experience, and advertising agencies are playing catch-up.

The Great Divide

What's left is a gaping hole in the San Antonio web design community: you can choose either web design agencies with no marketing experience, or marketing agencies with no experience on the web.

That being said, you don’t have to choose sides. There is a better way.

The Digett Way

At Digett, we understand that the Internet is your most important and cost-effective marketing channel. Your website is only as good as its ability to create new business.

Digett is the only San Antonio digital marketing firm that combines a decade of experience in online marketing with clean, user-friendly web design, using a proven method we call inbound marketing.

To learn more about how Digett can help your website work harder for your business, download our free Marketing Plan for Growth.

Marketing Plan for Growth