Content Management Systems

A successful inbound marketing strategy requires that your website be easy to change and update with new content. In the past, this would require sending the content to your website’s developer and hoping that it gets posted in a timely manner. Testing new strategies can be difficult when you have to rely on a third party to make any changes you request.

A CMS gives a non-technical user the ability to make updates to their own website without having to rely on assistance from a skilled web developer. Text and images are updated directly through the browser, and can be made immediately live to users.

By giving you more immediate control over your website (your main lead generation tool), a CMS allows you to alter your site’s content at a moment’s notice. This quick turnaround can be critical when you are blogging about breaking industry news, or when you decide to test which on-page keywords put you highest in the search engines results pages (SERPs).

The benefits of Drupal

Digett uses a Drupal foundation for the majority of our clients’ websites. We love it because it’s easy to configure and customize a website’s look and behavior based on each client’s needs.

There are many more benefits to using Drupal:

  • Drupal is open source, meaning that it is free software. Neither Digett nor our clients ever have to pay licensing fees.
  • The Drupal developer community is constantly working to quickly find and fix bugs, errors, and security problems. This very large and active community means that technical support and active development should continue for years to come.
  • Because so many individuals contribute to Drupal’s upkeep, our clients are never at risk of being unable to find someone who can assist them. Your business’ website will never be “held hostage” by a developer who is the only one capable of making changes and updates.
  • Community contributed modules give Drupal added flexibility. By adding and combining modules together in different ways, Digett can customize your website to function exactly how you want it to.
  • Getting found by search engines is a crucial part of inbound marketing. Drupal comes out of the box already optimized for search, and core and contributed modules make it easy to optimize your website even further.

The Drupal CMS gives you the power to take control of your website and make it work for you, rather than the other way around.

Training and support

Because we love making it easy for our clients’ inbound marketing strategies to succeed, Digett offers training and ongoing support to all of our clients. Although your website is your own, we are happy to assist you in standard maintenance and upgrades, training and retraining, and issue resolution at retainer or hourly rates.