Email Marketing

Although it may be your social media strategy or your SEM and SEO that gets visitors to come to your site, and your killer content that makes them stick around, email marketing is one of the easiest and best ways to stay in touch with visitors after they’ve left your website.

When a visitor engages with you by leaving their email address in exchange for a valuable offer, you have an opportunity to nurture that visitor further down the sales funnel by using that email address to send them even more valuable content.

Putting your leads on a nurturing or email campaign will make it more likely that your business will be forefront in their minds. By including valuable information and other compelling offers in your campaigns, you can convert leads again and again, creating a positive branding experience while at the same time turning them into loyal customers.

Email marketing services

Digett offers several email marketing services, including both Campaign Monitor and MailChimp template creation and customization, as well as campaign strategy and implementation. We can also assist with generating content for your email campaigns.