Website Design

Visual design is powerful. Good web design can elevate a well-orchestrated inbound marketing strategy; bad design can destroy it. When Digett designs and themes a website, our goal is to make it unique, usable, and easy to maintain.

Clean, user-friendly designs

Although the main purpose of a website should be to generate leads for your business, it’s important to have a visually attractive website which reflects your company’s products, services, and personality.

Lead generation is at the top of our clients’ lists, so each website Digett creates comes with eye-catching imagery, easy-to-use navigation, clear calls to action, and plenty of room for future landing pages and lead forms.

Design services

Digett’s design services include:

  • Wireframing
  • Full-color design mock-ups
  • Logo creation and branding
  • Landing page design

We can also create branded designs for collateral items such as brochures and business cards.

Development strategy

Design is important, but it’s not the only step in a website’s creation. Our web development process takes clients from the first brainstorming meeting all the way to site launch and beyond — all on time and within your budget.