Meet the Key Players

Inbound marketing is all about working together — and though we might be a bit biased, we think we've got the best team around. From logistics to website design, content creation to project implementation, the Digett team's goal is to give you a website that pulls in visitors and converts them to customers. We are a passionate and creative group of individuals dedicated to bringing the greatest ROI to our clients — and having some fun in the process.

Mark Figart
Founder and President

Mark left a senior management position at Emerging—a Houston-based consultancy and professional services firm—to form Digett in 2001. His consulting experience includes extended energy and finance industry engagements with AIM Investments, Goldman Sachs, Delmarva Power, Schlumberger and others.

As a career marketer and Drupal aficionado, Mark brings to the table a passionate belief in the power of great content, as well as the knowledge and experience accrued through 20 years of consulting experience to successfully put that passion to work. By keeping Digett focused on driving continued improvement of marketing ROI, he has built a unique and in-demand suite of professional marketing services geared toward bringing clients more and better sales leads. 

Valarie Geckler
Director of Client Services

In an office full of creatives, someone has to be grounded. Valarie—or “Geckler the Reality Checkler,” as she’s known—is plenty creative herself, but she’s known around here for her pragmatic, eagle-eyed approach to project and budget management. She also specializes in Information Architecture design and Drupal administrative interface configuration.

Valarie serves as the liaison between clients and the Digett production team coordinating the execution of content marketing strategies, so our clients know her well. They just don’t know she can crush them at Trivial Pursuit. Well, they know now.

Wes Mills
Marketing Analyst

Wes' passion for market trend analysis, campaign optimization, and web analytics make him a great asset to our clients. As an AdWords Certified Individual, he's our clients' go-to resource for pay-per-click campaign management and optimization; he's famous for improving results, generating more leads, and stretching clients' marketing dollars further. Our clients love the extraordinary results he delivers.

Amy Peveto
Managing Editor

A theatre major who never imagined she’d end up in marketing, Amy is our resident content engineer and Search Engine Optimization wizard. A graduate of HubSpot’s Inbound Marketing University and holder of an Inbound Marketing Certification, Amy combines her creative and analytical talents to generate compelling content that converts leads into customers. When not at work, she can be found curled up with a good book and a bag of peanut butter cups.