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September 16, 2011 by JD Collier
Mobile Website Development

Last week, I talked about A Developer's Perspective on Mobile Websites. This week, I'd like to take that a bit further and discuss special considerations for mobile development. 

September 14, 2011 by Art Williams
Mega Menu Drupal

Editor's note: This article is out-of-date. Please check out our post on Drupal Mega Menus Revisited

Mega Menus have become all the rage in navigation user inteface. When you have a large list of items for a dropdown menu a mega menu makes an efficient way to display the list.  An...

September 8, 2011 by Art Williams
Google Chrome Frame

While every web browser (Firefox, Safari, Chrome, etc.) has it’s programming peculiarities that have to be accommodated when building a website, the bane of every web developer’s existence is Internet Explorer 6. Many web design companies have stopped developing for the ten year old IE6 now that IE 9 has been released. Even Microsoft is trying to kill off IE6...

August 31, 2011 by Art Williams
Upgrading Drupal

Drupal is robust and heavily tested, so the sites we built a few years back—on Drupal 5 or even Drupal 4.7—are still running like champs. That makes it hard sometimes to explain why a client would want to spend the money to upgrade their site to Drupal 6 or 7.

August 24, 2011 by Art Williams
Crowdsource: Drupal 7 Entities Unleashed

Recently I’ve been working on a couple of websites in Drupal 7. One of them has some pretty complicated data structure and relationships. I’ve really been racking my brain as to how to build these data structures in Drupal, to the point of even completely starting over twice.

August 18, 2011 by JD Collier
Mobile Phone

Last year, we talked about using the Mobile Tools module to create mobile sites in Drupal.  We use and appreciate Mobile Tools, but we recently had a requirement that made us look into other options. We needed one domain to serve two different mobile sites. Mobile Tools works well with one mobile site, but we didn'...

August 12, 2011 by JD Collier
The right tool for the job

I love my tools. I love having the right tool for the job! As a Drupal developer, I will sometimes use the command line for things like Drush or creating symlinks, but for the most part, most of my day is spent in one of the tools below.

August 11, 2011 by Valarie Geckler
How to clear browser cache

If your web development team has ever made a change to the files that comprise your live website, they may have asked you to “clear your cache” afterwards.

Well, what the heck does that mean?

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