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May 4, 2010 by Mark Figart

Today I imported a small sample of one of Digett’s subscriber lists housed at CampaignMonitor into Flowtown for the first time. Flowtown is a brand-spanking-new social media mining tool that takes my company’s email subscriber lists and tells me way more than I thought possible about my subscribers. The results are pretty stunning—almost scary...

April 30, 2010 by Amy Peveto
Little Black Dress Society logo

For the past several months we have had the privilege of working with the Little Black Dress Society, an organization dedicated to ending violence against women. Founder Amanda Graybill has made it her life’s mission to provide resources, support, and assistance to abused women and their families.

April 26, 2010 by Alex

Now that I have been here for more than a month, I have had a solid opportunity to really dive into the inner workings of Drupal. Coming from a background where I worked with object-oriented programming and the MVC design pattern (model, view, controller), it has been a little...

April 21, 2010 by Zachary

Normally, I leave all the artsy talk about graphics to Andrew, and for good reason. However, my background includes editorial work, and art selection is an important part of that role. Properly sourced and prepared artwork can set the tone for any content item, but the process is often done outside the glare of critical eyes (except in...

April 14, 2010 by Kathryn

Six months ago I wrote a blog post called Cooking up a Homemade Drupal Theme. A visitor recently submitted a comment to my article that's left me contemplating the target audience for...

April 14, 2010 by Cindy

This week, we had the privilege of taking a tour of Rancho Cortez, a real Texas dude ranch. Our tour guide and owner, Mary Cortez, started the afternoon with a tasty Tex-Mex lunch, and we had time to visit, meander around, and have a look for ourselves before the "official" tour started.

There is something special about being...

April 12, 2010 by Zachary

About two months ago, Mark and I huddled together with a goal in mind: implement better publishing procedures here at Digett. What resulted was a challenge for ourselves and the entire Digett team to display our skills, put paper to pen, and provide honest-to-goodness thought leadership; I believe the team has responded admirably.

April 7, 2010 by Zachary

The Digett team was discussing a recent project the other day, and the talk turned 'round to the style guide we were creating for the client. Now, if you've ever been in charge of maintaining or using a corporate style guide, you know they tend to inspire a mix of derision and fear.

I should know. In a previous job, I was responsible for maintaining the company's style guide—a 67-page, brightly highlighted...

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