22 Strangest Referring Keywords

Posted by Valarie Geckler on July 28, 2011

Digett.com sees a lot of traffic from visitors who find us via any set of common keywords and phrases, things like “san antonio web design” or “san antonio internet marketing.”

Sometimes, though, Google Analytics reveals that visitors have arrived at our site using some pretty obscure search terms. Inspired by a similar post where Ian Laurie did the same, I dug into the dark depths of Analytics and selected Digett’s 22 strangest referring keywords.

Weird, but I get it

No clue

  • what would barney do
  • so kind san antonio web - So kind, so cruel, San Antonio web!
  • how much kinetic energy is in a person
  • humanitarian work in tanzania
  • are the led zeppelin symbols trademarked
  • flashbacks of a fool
  • who says you can't go home, bon jovi
  • "belgium, norway, sweden, or india"
  • favoritism jokes
  • adult film star angie - Really?
  • avoiding children with adwords - I picture AdWords prepared with some garlic and a stake
  • check list of body language
  • concept story frogs - A concept about story-telling frogs? A frog coming-of-age tale? We'll never know.
  • send hope inspire and nourish by utilizing accumulated knowledge and skills

What about your site? Have any bizarre keywords to report? Willing to take a guess at how some of these weirder terms led to us?

Valarie Geckler

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