Digital Marketing Operations for Professional Services

Digett helps professional services firms conduct effective marketing campaigns from planning to tactical support to training.

Day-to-day operations: In digital marketing, this is where the rubber meets the road. You have formulated and implemented your winning strategy. Now, the work you do, the steps you take, day in and day out, will determine your results. Naturally, you will have questions along the way. Some we've often hear include:

  • How does my team efficiently execute our marketing strategy?
  • How do we coordinate the wide range of activities that need to be conducted daily?
  • How do I "show" what my firm does on our website when what we do is difficult to show?
  • How do we create compelling content?
  • How can we improve the ROI of our marketing efforts?

These are all valid questions. Digett can help you in your search for answers. 

Hiring, training and managing all the right people to execute a marketing program in-house is a pricey proposition. Think, for example, of the wide range of passions, talents and skill sets involved in the planning, coordination, production and syndication of a high quality video communicating one of your firm's key value propositions. It would be difficult to justify hiring such talent full-time. In fact, video production is one area that companies routinely outsource. 

The same concept applies to other areas of digital marketing operations. Strategies sometimes dictate wide changes in tactics, and the tactics themselves often require a level of specialization that is more cost-effective to outsource.

Another scenario where outsourcing is a viable option is the training of internal team members. At Digett, our mantra is enablement, and our goal is to transfer our knowledge to you in all areas where it makes sense for your company to develop such competencies internally. 

Ready to harness the power of digital marketing and gain a distinct advantage in your competitive marketplace? Digett can help you. Contact us today.