5 Steps to a Killer Landing Page [Video]

Posted by Amy Peveto on February 27, 2012

Your website’s landing pages can be your first (and only) chance of making a good impression. This video covers the five elements your landing page needs to catch the visitor’s attention and convince him or her to convert.

What is a landing page?

A landing page is any page on your website that allows you to collect relevant information from people interested in your content. The goal of a landing page is to entice visitors to complete the accompanying form, thereby providing you with valuable information—like their name and email—in exchange for your helpful content.

The 5 elements


What is the offer? Make your title descriptive and exclusive.


Use the description to answer the visitor’s question, “What in it for me?” Tell them who the offer is for, what it is, and why they should take advantage. Remember to keep it short and sweet — Internet readers skim text rapidly, so bullet points work well.


Add an image to your page. Give the reader an idea of what they’ll get by including a screenshot, cover page image, or product shot.


Arguably the most important element of the page. Collect enough information to be useful to your sales team, but keep it short as well. If your form is too long or asks for too much personal information, fewer people will fill it out. Make only necessary information required, and give visitors the option to enter other information if they wish.

A study conducted by Dan Zarrella shows that labeling a landing page’s submission button "Submit" can lower conversion rates. Top-performing variations include “Click here” and “Go,” but feel free to experiment with different labels.

Sharing options

Lastly, make it easy for visitors to email the landing page to a friend, or share it via their social media profiles. Keep the sharing options simple to avoid cluttering the page.

A word of caution

Landing pages are important, but don’t let them become your only focus; don’t forget that the content or products behind those pages are just as important as the page itself.


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