How to get more blog readers

6 Tips for Getting More Blog Readers

Posted by Amy Peveto on May 31, 2011

One of the most frustrating aspects of blogging is writing content that no one reads; you might write about discovering the cure for halitosis, but what’s the point, you ask, if no one reads it?

Maybe it’s not what you’re saying, but how you’re saying it. Here are seven tips for making your content irresistible.

1. Share!

It’s not enough to post blog articles and hope that readers stumble upon you — instead, you need to actively be sharing your content across platforms like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and wherever else your readers congregate. Make your content as easy to find and share as possible.

2. Rope ‘em in with a catchy headline.

Your headline is your first chance to grab the readers’ eye and pull them in: give your article a title that will convince readers that your content is worth reading. Take headline inspiration from your favorite author, the magazines on the rack at the grocery store, or even your competitors.

4. Use numbered lists.

List-based content works well online because it’s easy for a reader to digest. Titling your post “5 Tips for...” or “10 Smart Reasons to...” lets the reader know right off the bat how much content you’ll be covering, and bulleted or numbered lists help keep your article shorter and easier for Internet readers to skim. A reader can share one of your tips in a tweet, and still have room for a link back to your full article.

5. Be controversial.

Nothing encourages engagement and interaction like being controversial. Don’t be afraid to share your thoughts on why you dislike something that everyone else in your industry loves, or what you like about something that your peers hate. Fair warning, though: if you take a controversial stance, be prepared to back it up, and be prepared to respond to negative comments.

6. Make use of news and holidays.

Your business does not exist in a bubble — there is a world outside greater than yourself and your blog. Can you write an article around an upcoming holiday, or is there some big news (industry-related or not) on which you can put your own spin? Depending how major an event is, the amount of searches related to it are going up, and the more people are looking for information about it. Get your content into the mix and see where it leads.

What other tips for getting more readers can you share? Drop us a comment and let us know!

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