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Become a Google Adwords Stalker with Remarketing

Posted by Art Williams on July 21, 2011

Google has added another layer of complexity innovation to Adwords with a service called Remarketing, which allows you to automatically follow up with those who have previously visited your site.

The ability to follow your prospects around the Internet and display targeted ads to entice them to come back to your site is really alluring to a marketer. For non-marketers it may sound a little bit like stalking, but let me calm your fears: Google does not show individually identifiable information in these campaigns.

How it works

With Google Remarketing you add tags to the pages on your site. These tags will segment your visitors into groups or lists. Then you can create custom ads targeted to a segmented list that will be show to those visitors as they browse other sites in the Google Display Network.

An example

Joe’s Inc. is a residential contractor who specializes in remodelling kitchens, remodelling bathrooms, and foundation repair. With Google Remarketing Joe can tag the page on his site that talks about foundation repair. Joe then creates a Google Adwords ad that says “Still looking for the right foundation repair company? Let us help you decide.” Now since it’s a good bet that anyone looking at his foundation repair pages needs his services, then an ad asking if they need help deciding could be really effective. Especially when they keep seeing that ad on other websites as they browse around. Joe might have the ad go to an article called “The 5 things you should ask your foundation repair company before you write the check.” And on that page Joe might include a 5% off coupon.

As you can see, remarketing can be very powerful. Never before has it been so easy to make a follow-up offer to someone who has visited your site and then left without doing business. You can now get a second chance with most of your prospective customers.

Getting started

This technique should be part of a complete digital marketing strategy.

  • If you already know how it will fit into your marketing strategy, start your first Remarketing campaign in a few easy steps.
  • If Remarketing sounds like a great idea, but you’re not sure how to implement it, consider starting with our free website analysis. We can help you decide how to most effectively integrate Remarketing into your marketing strategy.


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