Big Change For Austin Drupal Workshop

Posted by Mark Figart on June 20, 2007

We must have totally misjudged the level of interest that Austinites would have in our June 22 Drupal workshop on theming. I would have thought Austin, TX to be fertile ground, a bastion of thirst for greater knowledge of Drupal. Alas, only two people have signed up. And get this: Both who have registered are from that great city in the East sometimes referred to as Aggieland (along with a wealth of other names). We chose Austin because we thought it would be chock full of folks wanting to learn more about Drupal. And the only folks who've decided to come are from 100 miles away! Come on over to Austin, Ags! I'm a Former Student myself... class of '90.

So we were wrong. We admit it. But what's harder to accept than being wrong is that all of our hard work preparing for this benefits so few.

So we'd like to propose something a little different. Just in case our outrageous pricing of $199 for the entire workshop was the primary factor deterring the masses, we'd like to offer our full-day workshop for one penny to anyone who would like to take advantage such an opportunity. We'll start by refunding the registration fee to our current registrants, and we'll roll back the price of the workshop on our registration form to one cent.

Still not interested? No problem, as we'll still be at the Parish Room all day Friday either way, delivering a full day of hands-on training to the few who could make the time. This will be good stuff, and it will be fun.

This is as good of time as any to say again that you'll get the most from the workshop if you can bring a laptop with Drupal installed and running. While we'll cover topics related to theming Drupal from the ground up, we will not cover Drupal installation and configuration. Otherwise, bring a note pad and a good pen. We'll be throwing a lot of info at you, much of which you'll want to take with you when you leave.

Hope to see you there!

Mark Figart

Founder and President
Meet Mark, Digett's founder and president, and a professional services practicioner since 1992.

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