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Custom Web Design Versus Budget

Posted by AMac on August 23, 2011

Good things take time and a good, custom web design is no exception. I'm constantly torn between needing time to get it right and needing to wrap it up for the sake of budget.

Web Design is Art

From my perspective, each new custom web design is an opportunity to create a piece of art. The excitement I feel at the beginning of a project must be the same for a painter staring at a white canvas or a composer at a blank page.

However, as any artist can tell you, rarely does an inspired creation come easily. That initial excitement can wear off pretty quickly when it comes down to putting pen to paper.

I can recall times when I've started and re-started a design four or five times, in an attempt to hit that groove, where everything just seems to fall into place. And when I finally do, that infamous budget starts creeping up behind me. It's an uneasy feeling.

Something Has to Give

The struggle then becomes whether to compromise the budget, or the design. At some point, something has to give and nine times out of ten, it's the design. In this business, time and money are king.

If it were up to me, I'd pick at a design for days on end and then say I'm finished, only to point out flaws. I think it's in an artist's nature to never be quite satisfied.

The Best of Both Worlds

The key, I think, is to try to hit that groove quickly and efficiently, so that there's time in the end to perfect the details. Recently, I've tried to accomplish this by not starting over. I push myself to make these designs work from the start and it's paid dividends thus far.

The better I get, the more I realize there's room for both good custom web design and budget. However, I'm still after that illusive perfect design, if there is such a thing. Perhaps your website could be my best yet?


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