Differentiation Through Lead Generation

Posted by Mark Figart on March 31, 2010

Something a peer of mine said recently got me to thinking about Digett and about what our firm does for our clients—something I've had occasion to think about in the past, thanks to misconceptions about Digett's purpose. Because ongoing relevance in the marketplace requires changes in strategy and tactics, we have navigated our share of such adjustments. Now that Digett is getting ready to enter our tenth year of business, our objectives for creating value for our clients have become more clear than ever.

First, we help our clients understand their own market terrain

Good and seasoned marketers understand that the past 10 years have ushered in a tremendous shift in consumer behavior, thanks to the ubiquitous capability to publish one's opinion and to the simultaneous, ubiquitous access to the opinions of other buyers. This shift, while shared in common across industries, manifests itself differently in each industry or market. Decision-makers need to understand their specific terrain to be able to respond with an appropriate strategy.

Secondly, we help our clients develop and execute a conversation strategy

This strategy must be consistent with their marketing terrain for connecting with and engaging qualified prospects. Ideally, we want our clients to convert prospects into loyal, lifelong brand patrons, so creating warm, engaged leads is important.

Finally, we measure

We measure outcomes that result from the mix of tactics we employ to fulfill a strategy. Through the ongoing measurement of key performance indicators, we can do three things:

  1. We derive the return on investment that our strategy is yielding.
  2. We gain insights through quantitative and qualitative data analysis.
  3. We iteratively refine our tactics mix based on our insights to further improve return.

The list of individual services we provide—branding and identity, website design, content management, search optimization, and others—is far less important than how we can combine these ingredients to formulate a winning recipe for generating qualified leads. That's ultimately how we measure our success, and how we think you should, too.

Come to think of it, how we measure our success has undergone as much change as anything at Digett since we conducted our first digital marketing gig for Schlumberger back in July 2001. In addition to all the technology enhancements, process improvements, and refinement of strategy we've undergone, we feel closer than ever to our customers, and—like our customers—are concerned less about building shiny, new websites than we are creating strong lead-generation engines to fuel our clients' growth for the months and years to come. It's a tall order, but anything less—particularly in these economic times—is just too risky.

Mark Figart

Founder and President
Meet Mark, Digett's founder and president, and a professional services practicioner since 1992.

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