Digett Earns a Three-Peat at the Summit Awards

Posted by Zachary on July 23, 2010

Normally, we're a humble bunch of folks; we put on our pants one leg at a time and get to work (cough) early to get a leg up, all without fanfare, ticker-tape parades, or floats. That said, we don't turn up our noses when an award comes our way, especially if it's for the third year in a row.

That being the case, we're pleased to announce the Greater San Antonio Builders Association has awarded the Digett-designed and -developed McMillin Homes website the 2010 Summit Award for Best Website for a Builder. I might mention we also won in 2009 and 2008—and telling the truth never constitutes bragging, in our playbook.

Actually, I somewhat predicted a three-peat when I discussed the 2009 win, but it was for magnanimous reasons. We can accept these awards as an affirmation of our work, but we also choose to consider them a reflection of the depth of understanding of McMillin's needs and the strength of the partnership we have created with them over the years. However, this begs an important question:

What's the real achievement?

Again, I think the award is great. I just don't know anything about the criteria they used. Two years ago, I would have left this alone, but even if our name and website remain the same—for now, if any of you are counting—Digett has changed. Today, I'm wondering if we're being rewarded for the right thing.

Like many in our business, we've struggled with a bit of an identity crisis, particularly as economic conditions and market changes have taken their toll on generalist service firms. Thing is, we've never seen ourselves as a generalist service firm. We're a marketing firm; our job is to create results-based solutions for our clients, not just build websites. And since I'm not sure how the Summit Awards are chosen, I don't want to run with this as a blinding example of our sheer awesomenessitude.

On the other hand, neither do I want to ignore the honor and treat it as nothing. After all, the McMillin site is a pretty impressive piece of work that provides consistency and flexibility in one great package. And working with McMillin has continued to be a joy. Anyone want to take odds on winning a fourth?

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