Digett Reaches Milestone in Process Development

Posted by Mark Figart on September 13, 2007

Today marks a significant milestone in Digett's development as an up-and-coming heavy hitter in the web consulting world. We deployed our very first usable version of what is to become our home-grown process automation and project management tool, built on -- you guessed it -- the Drupal framework.

I've struggled for years now, literally, to find a tool suitable for helping us manage our ever-increasing work load, better serve our clients, increase productivity, and prevent major melt-downs like letting client requests for support, of whatever type, fall through the cracks.

While not a fan of building software when off-the-shelf programs are suitable to the task at hand, I've found commercially-available solutions inadequate in areas related to addressing our own specific business needs. Fact is, our needs are not that terribly complex. But they're unique, to some extent, and rather than "make do" with solutions that will never allow us to fully leverage our unique nature, I think this is a perfect opportunity to invest in a system that truly fits.

For the moment, we're now managing CRM-type activity on our new system (which, by the way, begs for a good name). Call us, and you'll likely end up as a contact in the system, and we might create a task associated with you if you ask for a return call. This is only a small slice of what we're shooting for, but a very usable slice, indeed. For starters, it replaces Highrise, one of the newer (and quite useful) applications in our toolbox. The important point here is not that our system provides additional or enhanced capability. It doesn't. Rather, we opted to deploy a practical foundation for advancement without requiring that yet another browser tab be opened. We simply substituted Highrise with ONS (Our New System. Hey that has a nice ring to it).

Eventually this system will be exposed to clients. In conjunction with other support functions running on the same site, we think it will be a valuable resource for clients as well as an important differentiator for Digett. Combined with our growing internal knowledge base of best practices, our new system will help us achieve greater efficiency, effectiveness, and consistency... combined with a higher rate of innovation. Amen.

Mark Figart

Founder and President
Meet Mark, Digett's founder and president, and a professional services practicioner since 1992.

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