Digett's Favorite Must-Haves

Posted by Valarie Geckler on December 20, 2007

At Digett, we don't see a ton of raindrops, roses or whiskers on kittens, but these are a few of our favorite things that we can't live without.

Mozilla Firefox - Internet Browser

Odds are, Internet Explorer is your default web browser, but you're really missing out if you aren't using Firefox to surf the web. A free, open-source web browser available at firefox.com, Firefox beats IE in security, functionality and just plain cool.

Firefox does everything Internet Explorer can do and, in many cases, does it better. Firefox is typically quicker to respond to security issues and generally known among web geeks for having stronger phishing filters and unwanted pop-up protection. The tabbed browsing capability that Internet Explorer's latest upgrade, IE7, just introduced? Firefox users have been enjoying it for years.

Firefox has a large community developing extensions, add-ons and themes available for download that allow customization of everything from the color of toolbars to adding a music player or a weather map right into your browser. Firefox's default user interface will also be very familiar to long-time users of IE who dislike how IE7 moved buttons and menus around.

According to CNET, Internet Explorer held 92 percent of the market in 2004. By 2006, IE usage dropped to 82 percent, while Firefox's popularity jumped up to 12.5 percent. Firefox downloads quickly and will migrate your favorites list from IE to make the transition seamless. Give it a try and join the growing Firefox revolution.

Western Digital MyBook Premium Edition II (or Pro Edition II for Macs) - External Hard Drive

External hard drives are an excellent way to give yourself piece of mind that the vital contents of your computer are backed up. The MyBook Premium Edition II goes a step beyond that and offers RAID mirroring, a system of replicating data and storing it on multiple drives.

Essentially, when files are saved onto the MyBook, they're saved onto two identical drives mirroring each other. If one of the drives of the external hard drive died, your data would still be backed up on the second drive. This MyBook has a huge storage capacity of up to two terabytes (or one terabyte using the mirroring configuration) and is incredibly easy to use.

If using an external hard drive is your primary defense to avoid data loss, this MyBook is a second line of defense built into one.

Plantronics Voyager 510 Headset - Bluetooth Headset

This tiny wireless headset offers crisp, hands-free connectivity to your cell phone or PDA. And to your computer. And to any other Bluetooth audio device.

The real magic of the Plantronics Voyager 510 arises from its ability to pair with up to two separate devices.

Place a call from your cell phone, then, without ever removing the earpiece, switch to an international internet-based call through your computer. Suh-weet!

Plantronics offers a number of other headsets as do several other makers of Bluetooth devices, but this one is, hands down, our favorite.

Nerf Mini-Basketball Hoop

We admit it's low-tech, but therein lies its genius. You'd think giving a group of already playful people like the Digett staff a basketball would result in zero work done, but actually, we swear that our new office hoop has increased productivity.

We spend all day staring at computer screens so the few minutes a day we break to actually move our limbs in an attempt to win a round of PIG (a game of HORSE, but shorter) gives us a much needed stress break, leaving us refreshed and ready to tackle the challenges of the day.

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