Drupal Selling Points

Posted by Mark Figart on January 22, 2009

I recently was asked by a client to provide some ammunition for selling Drupal to his management team. I found plenty info using my friend Google, but ultimately had to spend an hour or so organizing it into a concise list of bullet points that I thought addressed the broad spectrum of benefits that Drupal can provide.  I thought I'd share with others who may need something similar at some point.

Without further ado...

First, it's Open Source:

  • Supported by a large developer community
  • No proprietary licensing fees
  • Long-term ROI not tied to performance of a single vendor firm
  • Portable
  • Transparent security focus
  • Advantages over a custom-built system:
    • Resources required to match quality of Drupal code would be enormous
    • Hardened by years of widespread use and developer contributions
    • Extremely secure

The Drupal Advantage

  • Most popular and most powerful open-source CMS
    • huge install base
    • massive, active development community
  • Drupal is a CMS and an effective application framework
    • clean, extensible code base
    • many high-quality modules available for add-on capability
    • keep custom, proprietary code to a minimum
    • build highly functional custom modules to accomplish practically any task
  • High performance
    • built-in caching
    • integrates easily with 3rd party caching mechanisms
    • infinitely scalable
  • SEO friendly right out of the box
    • standards-compliant HTML/CSS
    • capable of custom (HTML) page titles, meta descriptions
    • customizable, friendly URLs
    • permalinks
    • simple Google Analytics integration (without writing or inserting code)
  • Extremely well documented
  • Mature, going into seventh major release
  • Flexible, powerful theming engine separates content completely from presentation; a Drupal site's look-and-feel is limited only to the constraints of imagination and the modern web browser.
  • Easy to install and support, runs on Windows or practically any AMP (Apache, mySQL, PHP) stack
  • Notable Drupal Features and Selling Points
    • Powerful taxonomy system for categorizing content
    • User registration and profiles
    • Role-based permission system
    • Out-of-box RSS feeds
    • Browser-based administration

You'll be in good company.  Web sites running on Drupal include:

  • Digett, http://www.digett.com
  • The Onion, http://www.theonion.com
  • Fast Company, http://www.fastcompany.com
  • The Pulitzer Prizes, http://www.pulitzer.org
  • Churchill Downs, http://www.churchilldowns.com
  • The Kentucky Derby, http://kentuckyderby.com (built by Digett 2004 - 2008)
  • Warner Brothers Records, http://www.warnerbrosrecords.com
  • AOL Corporate, http://corp.aol.com
  • Popular Science, http://www.popsci.com
  • thousands more

Updated Post 6/15/2011: Why You Should Use Drupal for Your Next Website Project

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Submitted by Guest on Thu, 08/20/2009 - 2:09pm

Thank you so much for this list! It would have taken hours to find all of these points for my project. Thank you!!!

Submitted by Guest on Tue, 09/14/2010 - 5:44am

Thank you very much for the information.


Skype: ritesh.m.naidu

Submitted by Guest on Sat, 02/12/2011 - 5:15pm

Great to have this all in one place, I will be using your benefits in a proposal I'm working on, thanks!

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