Improve SEO by Going Green

Posted by Joann on June 30, 2008

Going green has been in the forefront of plenty of news stories this year. Just last month, we even shared a blog post about Digett's "green" efforts.

As an Interactive Media and Marketing Firm, we try to keep a hand on the pulse of the latest consumer trends and consumer spending habits in order to best advise our clients. Digett is just one of the many businesses making concerted efforts to be more environmentally friendly. We are part of an overall consumer trend that is shifting toward spending more for green products.

A recent Google Adwords Auto Industry article indicates consumers would spend 20% more for green products. The article also reveals Google to be the leading search engine with 54% of consumers using Google for searching green terms.

As a Search Engine Marketer, it's vital to research, discover, and analyze the specifics of consumer search trends such as this one. We advise clients and manage Search Marketing accounts and Search Engine Optimization efforts based on what we discover using a variety of methods, tools and applications.

The following are some basic tips for greening your SEM (search engine marketing) and SEO (search engine optimization) efforts:

Discover Green Keywords

  • Google Trends - type in green keywords and see results for search volume trend by geographic location and timeline.
  • Keyword Tool - type in green keywords or type in your site URL to generate more keyword terms and see search volume.

SEO - Apply Green Keywords on your site

  • Incorporate keywords in the Title tags, Meta-tags (meta-description especially).
  • Incorporate keywords in the content body. (Include content that is green related to your product or service. Be authentic. No need for overkill; mentioning a green term three - four times on a page is plenty.)
  • Include links to reputable green sites or green related articles.

PPC (Pay Per Click)

  • Create ad copy that speaks to your client or customers needs or concerns. (For example, if you are selling a fuel efficient vehicle, reflect that in the ad.)
  • Include a variety a green keyword terms in your keyword list.
  • Landing page - be sure that the landing page is relevant to your ad text (Consumers click on what they are interested in and expect to read about that information on your site.)

Web Site Analytics - find out the results of your efforts

  • Track which PPC ads result in the most clicks or leads/conversions.
  • Discover which keywords results in visitors to your site.
  • Discover which pages are getting the most traffic.
  • Discover how many visitors are coming to your site.
  • Discover what source visitors are arriving to your site from.

Here is an interesting article on the greening of the online environment for those, inquiring minds, wanting to read more on this topic.


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