Keyword (not provided) 100% of Organic Search Referrals Will Make the Internet a Better Place

Posted by Wes Mills on October 01, 2013

Masked keywords will soon be 100% of all organic search referrals. If you’ve been reading the same blogs I have, you might be under the impression that Google is out to get more AdWords customers and SEO just became impossible. But in reality, you might find that the Internet just became a better place.

Google isn’t out to get you

First off, I think it’s important to address the common belief that Google is making the move to stimulate AdWords revenue. In addition to this, we’ve also all read that without keyword data search result quality will decline. Neither one of these is true — Google cares too much about the user experience. 

A staggering 67% of all Internet searches go through Google. And in the monopolistic competitive market that search engines exist in, it’s important to remain the best because it doesn’t take much to send a search query through Bing or Yahoo!.

Google’s AdWords are successful because nearly everyone uses Google. The more people that use Google, the more valuable advertising gets. It’s a relatively simple formula. Making a move that hurts their search results in lieu of a few more AdWords customers doesn’t make any sense. But making a move that could better the user experience makes a lot of sense.

Websites are made for people, not search engines

Or well, they should be. Over the evolution of Google’s algorithm, we’ve seen many changes that affect search results in regards to keywords. The evolution of the algorithm highlights something important: Google wants you to focus on the content of your site, not how well you can optimize it for a certain keyword.

This is exactly why the Internet will be a better place. For creators who have relied solely on keywords and SEO “gurus”, this new shift presents a huge obstacle. But for those who have always focused on creating content that engages people, it’s a minor bump in the road. Now creators are forced to optimize their content for people first.

Optimizing for search is still important 

I’m not advocating you completely ditch your search engine optimization efforts. Although valuable content is essential, making it easy to find through search is vital. Keywords from organic referrals are gone, but there are many tools still out there to help you optimize your site for search.

One of my favorite blogs that I read regularly is the Moz Blog. Rand, Moz’s CEO, outlined a number of different approaches to optimizing for search in this blog post. Admittedly, I don’t agree with him on his overall perspective of the change, but he outlines a number of great tools that exist that help you optimize your great content for search engines.

SEO is something that should occur naturally

With the right content marketing strategy, SEO occurs naturally. If you’re having trouble generating leads to your website or if you have questions about which marketing tools and strategies can help you be successful, let us help. Sign up for a complimentary consultation with Digett today.

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