Meet the fall 2013 interns of the Digett Internship Program

Meet the Fall 2013 Digett Interns!

Posted by Amy Peveto on September 03, 2013

We’ve got four great students in our internship program this fall, and can’t wait to dive into projects with them. They've all got different backgrounds and passions, and having their energy, skills, and creativity in the office is going to be awesome.

We're happy to introduce...

Michelle Kafie - Marketer

Michelle is a Senior at St. Mary’s University, majoring in Marketing and Information Systems Management. Her strategic thinking and marketing skills have contributed to the success of several groups and companies in the US, as well as in her native country of Honduras.

Gabrielle Kinderknecht - Designer

Gabrielle is a Senior at the University of the Incarnate Word, majoring in Computer Graphic Arts and minoring in Business Marketing and Art History. Her resume is creative and unique, and showcases her eye for detail. We were also impressed by her portfolio, which contains a good balance of print and digital work, plus a good deal of front-end coding projects.

Wes Mills - Marketer/Analyst

Wes just graduated from the University of Texas at San Antonio with degrees in Marketing and Economics. He’s a quintessential “numbers guy,” with lots of data analysis experience — in short, the perfect person to help us whip our SEM and SEO processes into shape.

Oliver Yin - Developer

Oliver is a sophomore at Trinity University, working toward a degree in Computer Science. He spent this summer tinkering with web development alongside server management and application development, and his list of technology languages is impressive.

Looking ahead

First up on the interns’ project list is selecting a non-profit project and get it moving forward. They’ll be assisting with client projects, freshening their portfolios, and adding their voices to our blog.

Each intern is smart, dedicated to his or her craft, and ready and willing to learn. We hope to give them as much inspiration as they give to us.  


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