New Site Launch: Boerne Library Foundation

Posted by Kathryn on March 12, 2009

Digett recently launched a new website for the Boerne Public Library Foundation. The mission of the Boerne Public Library Foundation is "to provide the library with funding for major capital expenditure projects and to promote and advocate for literature, culture and the arts through ongoing programming."

When Robin Stauber approached us with the task of redesigning & re-architecting the foundation's existing site, we were happy to do business with an organization with altruistic motivations for the Boerne community. In our initial consultations with Robin, we identified the following major goals:

  1. Update the site's visual appearance—transforming it to a modern, simplified site with bandwidth to display vivid imagery and the ability to maintain recent updates with blog-like functionality. The legacy site, seen below, would need a complete overhaul.

    Image removed.

  2. Improve the existing information architecture—enhancing communication and better conveying information to online visitors based on web usability standards.
  3. Empower the foundation staff to make updates to the website and disseminate timely information with ease—eliminating the pains of common technological hurdles.

Design Inspiration

The design inspiration for the new Boerne Library Foundation website was taken from the existing Boerne Public Library website to create cohesion between the related organizations. With a white background and simple blue and orange accents taken from the provided logo, the new site is clean, well-organized, and user-friendly. Rotating imagery on the front page and teaser images in the "What's New" portion of the site add a pop of color. Take a look:

Image removed.

Information Architecture

In addition to an updated look and feel, the site has an improved interface—making it easier for guests to navigate and consume relevant information. Secondary navigation on the "About the Foundation" and "Giving Options" pages allows visitors to select and peruse supplementary information without being bombarded by pages upon pages of text at once.

Content Management

Finally, it's of upmost importance we equip our clients with a high-performance platform to put the power of site updates in their own hands, removing the barrier of having to go through Digett for support. To accomplish this third goal, we built their new site on Drupal, a powerful, open-source tool enabling any individual to post, edit, and delete site content instantly, in a browser, without the need for auxiliary software or FTP clients.

The redesigned site provides information on the ambitious Capital Campaign, updates on activities and foundation news, ongoing program information, and online options to contribute to the cause. We've additionally equipped the foundation with Campaign Monitor, a robust solution for sending email campaigns and obtaining subscribers directly from your homepage. This service is one of the strongest tools we suggest to our clients for boosting traffic and promoting their company.

We hope you enjoy and utilize the new Boerne Public Library Foundation website. Remember to subscribe to the low-volume mailing list so you can be updated on important news and events happening in the area.

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