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Posted by Valarie Geckler on January 15, 2013 paints a picture of Boerne, Texas that entices visitors to take the journey on I-10 to the hub of the Hill Country. The new website for the Boerne Convention and Visitors Bureau (CVB), brings the vibrance of Boerne to life while remaining an easily navigable information resource for the details any tourist would need to know.

Showcase Boerne Visually

Boerne touts itself as a vibrant, colorful town, a destination for many different types of folks. The previous website iteration leveraged a lot of calm, gentle earth tones and didn’t showcase photography very well. The new website needed to show the life and character of Boerne in an exciting way to attract visitors.

The CVB had wonderful photography of the city and its people. We’ve featured these photos on the new website prominently on the home page and top-level interior pages. Thinking a drive to and around Boerne isn’t for you? The photo of a smiling couple cruising over an old bridge in their convertible will convince you a weekend stay to enjoy the attractions is worth it.

The new site’s color palette with blue, orange, pink and turquoise, is lively and inviting. Boerne is a vibrant town with many attractions. These bright colors help set the right tone.



With mobile web traffic continuing to increase, the Boerne CVB wanted to make sure their site not only accommodates traditional visitors, but also the folks relaxing on their couch, searching for vacation ideas on an iPad and the folks strolling down Main Street trying to decide which restaurant to try for lunch. is a “responsive” website, meaining the same website code base is smart enough to deliver a different mobile-friendly layout depending on the size of the screen used to visit the site. As one's screen gets smaller, the site adjusts its layout to make it easier to view on smaller devices. It should ensure a pleasant browsing experience for all Boerne website visitors, regardless of what type of device they visit on.

Enhancements to the Directory

The previous website laid great groundwork and inspiration for organizing our directory. We took those directory entries and tightened things up, visually, so the directory is easier to read and navigate. We also added the option to include the social media accounts of businesses, including Yelp and Trip Advisor, so visitors can read reviews of their destination ahead of time.

Boerne isn’t “just another town” in the Hill Country, but a lively place with something for a wide range of age groups - offering fun for young families with kids or a relaxing getaway for a couple of Baby Boomers. The new helps distinguish Boerne from other Hill Country destinations and easily, beautifully, showcases its attractions and places to shop, eat, and rest your head for the night.

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