New site launch: Little Black Dress Society

Posted by Amy Peveto on April 30, 2010

For the past several months we have had the privilege of working with the Little Black Dress Society, an organization dedicated to ending violence against women. Founder Amanda Graybill has made it her life’s mission to provide resources, support, and assistance to abused women and their families.

An organization with such a bold message needs a bold website, one that conveys strength and beauty. And because the amount of good LBD Society can do is correlated by the number of its members, it needs to include calls to action that compel women to join the ranks of those in the fight against domestic abuse.


The first thing visitors see when coming to the website is the black and red image that boldly states LBD Society’s mission and why it’s important:


This section rotates routinely, each time displaying a new message or call to action:


Everything on this website conveys femininity and grace, from the swirling background to the minute stitching detail on the header and footer. Colors, textures, and placement of elements and imagery combine to give visitors a beautiful experience.


CTAs and audience targeting

But LBD Society needs to be more than a pretty face. The organization relies on its members to raise awareness of and funds for the fight against domestic violence.

We want people to become members, lead a group of others, invite their friends, and/or donate, so the homepage makes it easy to do any of these:


Clicking on a particular “bucket” takes the user to a personalized experience that educates them on LBD Society’s mission and encourages them to join.

Online registration and payment

One great aspect of building LBD Society’s website on Drupal is that we can allow individuals to sign up for membership, pay dues, sign up to attend events, and more. Website administrators can contact segments of the member list (i.e., those whose membership is about to expire, members of a certain Society, or all Society leaders), or email everyone at once.

Drupal also allows us to have a Member Center that shows different information to logged-in users than to anonymous ones — each with their own targeted content and calls to action:

Logged in

Logged out

Automating processes like online registration and payment mean fewer manual tasks for LBD Society administrators, leaving them more time to focus on their mission.

Carrying through to print

LBD Society’s offline presence is just as important as their online one, and it was important to maintain a consistent brand across mediums.

We used the website as inspiration for Amanda Graybill’s business cards, stationary, and the handbook and membership cards sent to every new LBD Society member.

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