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New site launch: Padgett-Stratemann

Posted by Valarie Geckler on March 16, 2012

Padgett-Stratemann (PS&Co) is a CPA and business advisory firm in San Antonio and Austin. Over time, their marketing needs evolved and their existing website no longer fulfilled its role. The past several months, we’ve partnered closely with PS&Co to bring their just-launched new site to life.

The project had several goals:

  • Provide an extremely user-friendly content management system to decrease time involved in making site updates.
  • Reinforce the brand and brand loyalty with existing customers and expand brand awareness to continue to attract new customers and recruit top talent.
  • Lay a foundation for better lead generation.

Previous home page: view full screenshot

New home page: view full screenshot


Provide a user-friendly administrative interface

The workflow for PS&Co’s previous site was a huge source of frustration. Changes had to be made directly to the site’s code by the IT department. It wasn’t a role IT wanted to play, taking them away from their main duties. It was also undesirable for Marketing since they were unable to complete updates to the site themselves.

Out-of-the-box, Drupal provides a fairly user-friendly administrative interface (see why we love Drupal), but for Padgett, we worked hard to ensure an extra enjoyable user experience. For example:

  • To a visitor, a piece of text or photo may be accessible from five places on the site. PS&Co only has to upload that information once. The site does it all for you.
  • If an area shouldn’t show more than 140 characters, the site has a Twitter-esque character countdown to make managing that limit simple.
  • Whether editing a sidebar or a featured list or a plain page, edit links are easy to get to, always. 

Reinforce brand, attract new customers and top talent

PS&Co’s team members are extremely well-educated and involved in their industry or service specialties. They regularly publish articles and many speak publicly.

PS&Co’s strength is the knowledge and leadership of their team members. Padgett had a plethora of wonderful content generated by their team members but had no friendly way to display it on their old site.

We wanted to showcase Padgett’s thought leadership and expertise to help reinforce the Padgett brand and to attract new prospects. Now, not only is content pulled out of PDFs and added to the site in SEO-friendly HTML, but all the information is interconnected.

  • Sort articles by service or industry.
  • When viewing a specific service or industry, see those articles or events most relevant to you.
  • When viewing a Bio of a team member, you can see all articles they’ve written, articles they’re mentioned in, as well as their speaking engagements.

Whether a prospect selecting a firm or a potential recruit evaluating Padgett's expertise, you don’t have to go far to find anything you’re looking for - if it’s relevant, we’re outputting it on the page you’re viewing.

Lay a foundation for better lead generation

Throughout the site, visitors have the ability to submit an inquiry and receive a response from a Padgett professional. It’s another opportunity for Padgett to contribute to the community and a qualified lead generation tool.

Additionally, the new website’s targeted content helps lay the groundwork for other lead generating online marketing efforts like social media campaigns and inbound marketing.

The results of a great team effort

Every site build is a collaboration, a combination of tears and cheers from all parties involved. PS&Co was an amazing partner through every step of the process. Their participation, feedback and enthusiasm for new ideas helped us take their site to the next level. We can’t wait to see it continue to grow.

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