New Site Launched: Brazos County Expo

Posted by Valarie Geckler on July 30, 2008

When the folks at the Brazos County Exposition Complex approached Digett in search of new website, we had a number of ideas about how to best showcase their state-of-the-art facilities. A $20 million county venture on 150 acres in Bryan-College Station, Texas, the Expo Complex consists of three facilities capable of hosting a wide range of event types from rodeos to horse and livestock shows, trade shows, and wedding receptions. With the new, we are making it easy for those attending or booking events to find all the information they need.

Accessible and Detailed Information for Each Venue

The Arena, Pavilion, and Exhibit Hall have the equipment and technology to accommodate a large range of needs. But how does an interested party know which venue is right for them?

We leveraged a majority of the home page real estate to spotlight the strengths of each building to help one decide. The typical scheduler for a rodeo is looking for very different information than someone wanting to host a banquet, and we wanted to clarify and simplify the process of discovering which venue works for them.

A single click from the home page will navigate the user to a more in-depth rundown of features, as well as photography of previous events hosted at the Expo Complex. There's also a link to each venue accessible from every page of the site, so visitors always can easily get to the information they need.

Welcoming Design

While the Expo Complex is home to a lot of equestrian events and livestock shows, it also hosts upscale receptions, career fairs, and monster truck shows. The Expo Complex wanted to avoid the perception that they only host "Western" events, so we stuck to a modern color palette and a fresh feel to keep the site welcoming to all types of event interests.

Easy Interactivity

Interested in booking? Need to know more? We've kept a link to the inquiry form handy on the home page and on every venue page to quickly shoot the Expo Complex an email.

See What's Going on at a Glance

The Expo Complex's events are displayed in two ways—a short list on the home page for a fast look at upcoming events and a comprehensive calendar inside. The calendar serves as a useful resource for audiences interested in booking, as well as those attending events at the Expo Complex or simply looking for something interesting to do around town.

By utilizing a friendly design and making it easy to find information, we've created a successful website that will address every audience's needs.

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