Our New Drupal Passion

Posted by Mark Figart on June 17, 2006

It was just a few months ago that something got me quite interested in learning more about Drupal. I don't remember why, honestly, although it may very well have been a site like drupalsites.net , where one can view scores of sites that have been built on this blossoming content management system (CMS), some of which are extraordinarily well done.

Digett was founded on a philosophy that embraced content management capabilities from the get-go. Our clients, we believe, ultimately benefit from the investment in the ability to manage the content on their own websites. This is more than a convenience, but then that's a whole other topic (hmmm ... another blog post?).

Until recently, virtually all of our work was deployed on a .NET-based CMS, the origin of which which was a code base known as the Community Starter Kit, written by a few developers at Microsoft. Our current incarnation is significantly extended and customized and continues to serve the bulk of our clients very well.

Enter Drupal. Wow. Suddenly we can affordably provide capabilities to clients that would have been completely beyond the average budget only a few months ago. Not only that, it is, dare I say, "lightweight," at least in comparison to our .NET system. To us, this means addition or customization of feature sets in Drupal typically takes far less time than on a "heavier"—a.k.a. "over-engineered"—system.

This PHP-based powerhouse is allowing companies like Digett to blaze new trails in developing beautiful and effective websites. We have, by the way, officially launched only one of these sites (and a relatively simple one, at that), but several more are in the delivery pipeline. We can't wait to show you!

Mark Figart

Founder and President
Meet Mark, Digett's founder and president, and a professional services practicioner since 1992.

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