Re-joining the San Antonio PHP Meetup

Posted by Mark Figart on October 25, 2007

This morning I signed up once again to become associated with the San Antonio PHP Meetup. A couple years ago it was through such a trivial effort that I ran into Roger Lopez, who was, at the time, the group's organizer. That effort paid off handsomely, as Roger has since become a key player and trusted member of our team.

I remember at the time that when I found out how skilled Roger was with PHP - and once I realized how well his outgoing personality would fit in with the budding Digett culture - I began to question myself as to whether such a talented programmer would be interested in using an existing framework like Drupal to develop solutions. Roger, as I was told, had been working on a custom-built solution for some time, and my experience had taught me that some programmers are simply too interested in writing custom code to get real excited about delivering solutions with a different perspective in mind; to write as little custom code as possible. That's one of our goals around here. Without going into detail, we are happy in our knowledge that custom code is most often the inferior choice for our clients who are looking for the highest return on their investment.

Roger, as it turns out, was more interested in delivering quality solutions than wading through code of his own making. Jumping on the Drupal bandwagon he quickly became aware of the power that Drupal brings to both a firm like Digett as well as to our clients. Roger is now a respected member of the Drupal community, and performs feats that amaze me and the rest of the team almost daily. Roger has found a powerful way to apply his skills in a way that brings great value to marketplace. I don't know of any programmers out there who wouldn't want to do that.

Roger, by the way, has written plenty of his own code since joining Digett. As the creator and maintainer of the Drupal asset module, his code has now been used not only by Digett clients large and small, but by organizations as diverse as the French news site Rue89, and many others.

If you are skilled with PHP, have a passion for the web, and have a desire to be on a winning team, Digett might be a good place to hang your hat. Please, drop us a line.

Mark Figart

Founder and President
Meet Mark, Digett's founder and president, and a professional services practicioner since 1992.

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